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Hello everyone!
I just enabled the print option, and I haven't uploaded all the hi res files yet, soooo, if there's a print you want just message me and I will upload the files for you.

Thanks to everyone for your comments and support!
Robert Alvarado
Please note that I do not seek to glorify war or the actions of the political leaders of the Third Reich. War is a terrible loss for both friend and foe as many survivors will attest. Growing up right after WWII, I was drawn to the imagery of Third Reich. The images they used, Iron Cross, Swastika and colors made them appealing to me in a graphic way. Sooooo... one of my projects was to see what I could do with those images and colors in a pin-up way. I have talked to a few friends (Jewish also) and everyone has encouraged me. So there it is, just a basic kinda war poster. What am I trying to say... Actually I'm going more for what it would be as if the Nazi's did Pin-Up, and sometimes more. And please... I am not a racist. Pushing it a little... yes, hopefully not too much. This is about Art. I mean no harm to anyone.

Again... this is about Art.